The Rebel of the Season - Chamia Chabbi

MMA-fighter Chamia ”Chabbinator” Chabbi

"The most important things are patience, a clear goal and true motivation."

Chamia Chabbi is a young woman from Tampere, Finland. In addition to her full-time waitress job she spends her time in a surprising way – in a MMA cage. This national champion is competing as an amateur on the World Champion level and the goal is clear: to become a professional MMA fighter.



Chamia found her passion by trying out different things. Being bold and open to new things are important qualities when one is seeking the dream. ” At this moment I dare only to dream of becoming a professional fighter and getting a long, successful career in MMA. I never had the intention to start competing but after some friendly provoking and my drive for experiencing new things made my goals bigger. Nothing else has ever felt so right and the feeling is so powerful that I want to see where this goes.



Photo: Sami Kontto


Chamia makes conscious choices every day. She organizes her schedule and life in a way that supports the path towards her dreams. ”One has to often make sacrifices in everyday life but that's how the athlete lifestyle works. Life is full of choices and the decisions has to be made according to one's goals. No one can do this forever but I feel it has to be done all-in for so long it is possible.”

According to Chamia the hardest thing at the moment is to find the balance between training and recovery. Working during the days and training hard at the same time makes it hard to find time for rest. It slows you down when you should move forward.

FightPhoto: Sami Kontto


Chasing the dream is often frightning and one must work for it. Knowing who you are and being honest towards yourself are key factors in that, also to Chamia. ”In order to reach the goals one has to think which kinds of stuff one wants from the life. When those things are clear it is much easier to progress towards the dreams. That's when you find out which things you can put your effort in and which are the things that aren't that important. The most important things are patience, clear goal and true motivation."

If you just keep searching for the own thing it will be found.
You can follow Chamia's path towards her dreams on her Instagram and Facebook.
Photo: Instagram/@chamiac

Finally, we want to congratulate Chamia for IMMAF World Silver 2017!

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