PART OF YOU is a web store where urban street fashion, contemporary art and desire to create unite. There is a collection of clothes, art and digital products in the store. The inspiration drives from urban culture, tattoo and contemporary art, Rock'n'Tits photography project and from the creative and ever-changing world around us all. The products are designed in Tampere, Finland and they can be found in Below Zero Tattoo Gallery's store as well.

The web store is founded by two creative-field entrepreneurs - Mikko and Titta. Both of them are working as tattoo artists in Below Zero Tattoo Gallery, owned by Mikko himself. They have worked together over three years now and they have something in common: the urge to always learn new. It is vital for them to challenge themselves as well as others. Although, the strange habit to make crazy plans and make them true unites them also!

ART and "LIMITED 30"

"Limited 30" is the section for our art prints. You can find changing themes from variety of artists. We want to keep it special - small sets of prints ensures that not every person has the same print on the bedroom wall. There is always only 30 pieces of prints and we choose to focus on quality instead of quantity. The art prints are printed on high quality material and they are printed locally.

Some of the original pieces of art are for sale as well. They are often displayed at our store and we are happy to show them on the spot. You can find our shop Below Zero Tattoo Gallery at Aleksanterinkatu 26, Tampere, Finland.



The digital products are well thought collections of photographs by Mikko Inksanity. They are built by themes as well as sizes of the sets for you to choose from. The photos can be used as a reference material for artists or just simply printed out on your wall.


Instead of running a conventional web shop, we want to share more with you. We write a blog so that you can get the latest news, updates on events we take part in as well as the other important info related to season sales, products and so on. In addition, we have a section called "The Rebel of the Season" where we bring up inspirational people - the true rebels of everyday life. We are surrounded by talented, courageous and creative people who are chasing their dreams - and we want to share their stories with you.

In short, PART OF YOU is a combination of local know-how, big ideas, caring for your community and right attitude. It is a channel for self expression, art and new ideas.

Welcome to get to know us!

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