Reetta, behind ”CASUAL” ENG

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Reetta, behind ”CASUAL” ENG


Reetta, better known on Instagram by, loves house plants and quality time at home. Tattoowise, black ink is what she trusts. She is working at Below Zero Tattoo Gallery, Tampere, Finland. 

She has a distinguished way of creating life-like images on skin without smooth greyscale shadings or clear outlines. In addition to electric tattooing, Reetta creates tattoos also by handpoking (without a machine). Dots and abstract patterns dominate her works. tattoo tattoo

She has a thing for collages, for sure. Mixing and combining sometimes surprising elements together give birth to odd and interesting images. As she describes the results ”..the kinds that tickle the mind just right.” Even though the imagery is often dark and melancholic, there is a lot of humour present as well. tattoo

I have a fascination towards collages as a way of work - with the process that transforms totally normal elements into overly cute or even disturbing results.” 

”Perfection is awfully boring. World is a big jigsaw and, from time to time, it is good to mix up the pieces and assemble the puzzle in a totally new way. Then, one might accidentally find something dreamy, or proper nightmare material.” -Reetta

The latest designs by Reetta:

Bunny hop by Reetta ”BUNNY HOP”

Casual by Reetta ”CASUAL”

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